Third Reich Arts

Bronze, Porcelain, Political Stick Pins, Pins, and enamel for my personal collection.

Any unique personality items related to the Third Reich and earlier are of interest.

I can purchase outright or entertain trades if you like, feel free to send photos of your items or interests.

Third Reich Arts

Consignments & Selling Items..
If you wish to sell me an individual item or several items, please feel free to contact me with photos, descriptions, and prices you would like to achieve.  After I review the material, and after we've had a chance to speak via email or telephone and an agreement is made. 

I will ask you to ship your item(s) to my office.  Once I receive the items, I will inspect them, and pay you for them.  In most cases, you will have payment no later than 24 hours after I receive your items. 

Feel free to forward any questions or inquiries:

(973) 886- 8157

Best regards,
Kris Lindblom