1. Ordering

E-mail, phones, and checkouts are fine. Email and phone are preferred. Its a pretty simple premise with these items, as its an honor system. If you would like an item fire off an e-mail or hit the checkout and I will contact to go over any questions on the best way to handle shipping and any details. Communication is key. I will try and maintain that as that is what I prefer and what has worked for me all these years.

2. Payment

Prices listed here reflect a 3% discount for immediate payment via check or money order - they are in essence, cash prices. Credit card payees - please note the 3% price adjustment that will appear on your invoice (it's added automatically in the form of a service charge).

I do not accept "currency" payments. If you wish to pay by wire, the transaction fee is $25. Transfer information will be emailed to you when you receive your automated email receipt, and the $25 fee will automatically appear on your invoice. Layaway and trade considered on a case-by case basis, but full-payment offers receive priority. Generally, layaway deals shall not exceed 3 months, with 1/3 down.

3. Guarantee

Standard 5 day inspections apply. If for some reason you do not like an item it can be sent back for a full refund minus shipping. Originality should not be an issue due to the items that will be listed. If however the issue does arise it will fall under the standard inspection terms without question. Consignment items will carry the same inspection period.

C.O.A' s can be had on the ask whether buying a piece or just looking to authenticate one. In most cases in regards to Allach Porcelain I can authenticate the piece with good photo's. I have never charged for this in the past and I will not start now. So if you have a question on a piece you own, feel free to contact me. Keep in mind that I cannot detect repairs with photo's, and that is difficult enough in some cases with the piece in hand.

4. Shipping

I usually ship via Fed-Ex on international shipments, and use the U.S.P.S in domestic cases. Depending on the item and service allowed I will use various shippers and can discuss options especially with European buyers.

Because of the nature of the items involved (porcelain) in most cases, shipping is best discussed at time of purchase as certain issues can come about or the client may have certain requests and should be made aware of certain aspects in order to protect themselves.

For international shipments the shipping method will be based on item value. If you live in Germany or France, or other foreign countries - know your country's laws. While I cover all swastikas with tape for orders to France and Germany, I cannot be responsible for items seized by the authorities of your government. Additionally, on international orders all import fees and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

6. Layaways

I have no straightforward layaway policy. The issue can be discussed on a one by one basis depending on the item. As far as restocking fee's and such, it will depend on the terms and the item. But there must be at least 1/3 down and a small fee of 15% if the buyer pulls out after a period of time. These issues are best discussed at time of sale as nothing is written in stone and there are exceptions.

9. Consignment and Selling Items

If you wish to sell me an individual item or several items, please feel free to contact me with photos, descriptions, and prices you would like to achieve. After I review the material, and after we've had a chance to speak via email or telephone and an agreement is made.

I will ask you to ship your item(s) to my office. Once I receive the items, I will inspect them, and pay you for them. In most cases, you will have payment no later than 24 hours after I receive your items.

Feel free to forward any questions or inquiries:


(973) 886- 8157

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