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SS Bullion Officers Sleeve Eagle

Nice mint eagle in bullion and I have accumulated a few of them now and time to let a couple loose. .....

SS Bullion Officers Sleeve Eagle- Album Removed

Nice mint eagle in bullion that was removed from a photo album. Additional photos added and a beauti.....

SS FM Honor Needle

A great original example and a reissue which is not uncommon. Manufactured by Deschler of .935 sil.....

SS-VT Germania Collar Tab- Bullion

Very nice original example of the Germania SS Tab in bullion. Alternating piping and tight construct.....

Standing Prussian Pillar Bird in Bronze (Roland Paris)

Large standing Weimar/Prussian style Reichsadler in bronze. this piece stands approx 16 inches high .....

The Service Daggers of the SA and NSKK

408 pages of in depth and viewpoints on manufacturing and markings related to the SA and NSKK dagger.....