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Paul von Hindenburg Oil Painting ( Alfred Reinhardt )

A high quality oil on canvas portrait painting of  former Field Marshall, Paul von Hindenburg.......

Pre-war Bronze Sports Award SA- Adolf Gustav Daumiller (1876-1962)

This piece is another high quality bronze and a sport award for the S.A. The piece measures over 11 .....

Putto and Flamingo- Otto Placzek (1884-1968)

Early bronze work by Otto Placzek, (1884-1968) well-known German sculptor and medalist. This bronze,.....

Rare Adolf Hitler Bronze Bust- Fritz von Graevnitz (1892-1959)

Over the years I have had quite a few hitler busts and each one is nice in its own way and this one .....

Rare Stabschef Cuff Title- Ernst Röhm Staff

Original Stabschef cuff title for staff of Ernst Röhm in very nice condition. Title is uncut an.....

Rosenthal Porcelain Plaque- Haus Der Deutschen Erziehung 1936

This is a dedication plakette measuring about 3 1/2 inches in diameter for the house of German educa.....

SS Wedding/ Mein Kampf Cask

Been about 10 years or more since I have had one of these. Box measures just under 10 inches high x .....

Standing Prussian Pillar Bird in Bronze (Roland Paris)

Large standing Weimar/Prussian style Reichsadler in bronze. this piece stands approx 16 inches high .....

Third Reich Standing Bronze Pilot

Original German cast bronze figure of a standing pilot on marble base. This is a finely detailed bro.....